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Quality Service with Over 25 Years of Payroll Experience

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Payroll Solutions

Looking for a cost effective, qualified payroll provider?We have customized payroll solutions that allow you to do what you do best.We take care of all the processing, payroll tax deposits and returns so you don’t have to. today for a free quote or more information!  Contact JEM


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What are the benefits of outsoursing your payroll?

Why is Payroll So Important?

Payroll is one of your company’s biggest expenses and can cost youeven more if not done right.Let JEM Payroll Solutions help you save money and free up your time to do what you do best.We handle everything from processing payroll and printing checks to making tax deposits, filing quarterly returns all the way through to the W-2s and resolving tax notices.


JEM Payroll Solutions has over 20 years of payroll experience to ensure accurate and compliant solutions.We guarantee to stay on top of regulation changes that affect you.


Trust your payroll to a local business concerned about you and your business needs.


Payroll Processing


JEM can customize a payroll solution that fits your needs.We will set up your payroll for free and continue processing at an affordable, reasonable fee.


Standard processing includes processing payroll, printing and mailing checks to your office, transmission of direct deposits and emailing standard reports.We also handle garnishments on your employees.

Tax Payments

We take the worry out of your payroll taxes and ensure they are deposited accurately and timely. Our base fee includes your federal tax deposits plus one state's withholding and unemployment tax deposit.
Quarterly Returns
JEM will take your payroll information and complete all your required payroll tax returns for you. No more worries about due dates and filing requirements.
If you prefer to process your own payroll but would like to outsource your quarterly payroll reporting, give us a call. We can customize a solution tailored to your needs!
Payroll Consulting
Have a special payroll job you need to complete but do not have the staff, time or experience? Give JEM a call! We can help you to complete those projects with knowledgeable consultants.
Whatever your payroll need, JEM can help! Email us today to start taking advantage of our experience and services.